Two weeks later, I went back to school and after a month, my brother traveled back to practice his course. I traveled home every weekend to check on him before his departure.
One day, I was in my room chatting with my friends, and then my phone rang. I rushed to pick it up, but seeing the caller, I froze. It was John. I totally forgot he existed. I shrugged and picked up the phone.


“Hi, this is john”

“I know” I answered sharply

“Uhmm… I…it’s nice hearing your voice again” he stuttered

I rolled my eyes and said “same here”.

We spoke a little longer and ended the call. After the call, we exchanged our BBM pins through text message and continued our conversation via chat. Every day, John would call to check on me and we also chatted every night before we go to sleep.
We became best friends within two weeks. We were so close that if we didn’t hear from each other in a day, we would feel incomplete; I knew I was attached to him and he was attached to me, too. Emotions started playing its game.

One day, John called and said he had something to tell me, I knew what he was about to say but I pretended as if I didn’t. At first he sounded tensed but later, he summoned up courage and said “Belinda, will you be my girlfriend?” I wasn’t surprised because I felt it coming. “YES”. I answered quickly without hesitating. And that day marked the beginning of our relationship.

Our relationship was like heaven on earth. Though it was a distant one but it didn’t hinder our love. I was really happy because it was my first and we loved each other dearly.

Two months passed without seeing each other, so John suggested I come over to his place to spend the weekend. At first I disagreed because I had never traveled alone nor visited a guy before but I was eager to see him. I later agreed and left the school on Thursday pretending to be sick and was permitted to go home to treat myself.

The next day, I arrived at John’s place in the evening. It wasn’t easy locating his place. I was really exhausted but seeing him lifted my spirit. he looked more handsome than the last time we saw. I didn’t know whether to hug him or just say hi. But before I could decide, John moved close and hugged me so tight that I could feel my ribs crying for help.

He pulled back and welcomed me to his house. I was really happy to see him but at the same time I remembered my mum’s advice “never stay alone with a guy”. But John was a perfect gentleman. We spent time together, slept on the same bed without any string attached. I had fun.

On sunday, I returned back to school, but any time the school went on break, I would first visit John before heading home. This went on and on.

One day, I visited john as usual, we went out, had fun and came home late at night. We were both tired. We lay on the bed, awake but kept mute. Suddenly he pulled close and kissed me, I reciprocated but my heart skipped because I knew what would happen next, I didn’t stop it because a part of me wanted it.

That night, I lost my virginity. John swore never to leave me . I was glad he pledged his allegiance. And I was assured.

That night, I lost my virginity. John swore never to leave me. I was glad he pledged his allegiance. And I was assured.

I went back to school the following week and our relationship continued but I stopped visiting like before because activities in the school were getting much.

I no longer had time for him like before. After a while, John started misbehaving, he stopped calling and hardly picked his calls and anytime he did, he would sound so cold. I became worried because I knew I was losing him. I was depressed and couldn’t concentrate anymore.

One day, I fell really sick and weak, my roommates were worried and they referred me to the university health centre. I got there and the nurses ran some tests on me and I was asked to wait for the results before the proper treatment could commence.

The test results came out. Alas! I was pregnant. On hearing the news, questions began running in my head, what will I do? How will I tell my family? What would their reaction be? I have to tell John, I’m sure this would make him stop misbehaving and be committed like he swore he would.

I went back to my hostel and decided to pay John a surprise visit to break the news to him in person, I became anxious.

I journeyed to his place the third day, I didn’t put a call through but I was hoping I would meet him at home. I arrived at his place and heard his voice from the doorstep, I was glad he was in. I stood at his doorstep for a while, rehearsing how to break the news. I took a deep breath and opened the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door without knocking. I entered the house and met the greatest shock of my life…

To be continued…


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  1. dunni says:

    Omg wat could dat be………can’t wait

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