I entered the house and saw John and a lady, in a romantic mood. I was so shocked that I passed out. The next thing I saw was myself on a hospital bed. As soon as I woke up, I broke into tears. Few minutes later, John came in with the doctor. There was no need breaking the news, the doctor already did.

“You are set to go ma’ am” the Doctor said.

Without saying a word, I rose from the bed and walked out of the hospital. John drove me back to his house. The lady had left before we arrived. Still not saying anything, I entered a room and slept. I left for school the following morning.

Immediately I got to school, I was summoned by the head of department. I got to his office and he stretched forth a letter to me. I took it wondering what it was. Immediately I opened it, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was a letter of expulsion, The news had gotten to them. There was no need begging, the deed has been done.

I got to my room, still in shock, my life had been transformed within 24 hours. The question that kept ringing in my head was “how will I break the news to my family?”.

I packed all my belongings and journeyed home, sighting the gate my heart skipped. I knocked and the gate-man opened the gate. Immediately I entered, the first thing I said was “daddy and mummy dey house?”

“Yes” he answered with a worried look

I opened the door and saw my dad and mum in the sitting room. My heart began to race.

Goo…Good afternoon”

Who told you to step into this house” dad shouted

Dear, take it easy” mum said trying to calm him down.

He ignored mum “The school authority has informed us about everything” he paused

Young lady, pack your things and leave my house” he continued

This must be a dream, this is too much for me to bear, first John, then my school and now my dad. Is this really happening. I thought.

Haba! Alex, she is our daughter, we can’t do this to her” Mum said kneeling beside dad.

My word is final” he said and left

Belinda, who is responsible for this pregnancy?” Mum asked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

I opened my mouth to talk, but no words came out, I was still shocked. How did I allow just a man ruin my life? Where will I go? I thought to myself

Without waiting for response, she stood up and walked into the room where my father was.

Then I heard them arguing, “No, she must leave, I will not nurse such indiscipline in my house”

“Alex, she is just a baby”

BABY?, Woman, don’t provoke me” he said and walked out of the room, I sat up immediately looking at him soberly.

“you are still here, I don’t want to see you when I get back” he said and dashed out immediately.

He didn’t look like the man that raised me,” how can he be so heartless?” I asked myself

Mum came out of the room, “Belinda, Go and bring the man responsible for this, that is the only way I can help you” she said trying not to weep and gave me a bundle of money .

I took the money and left, I decided to go back to John. But will he accept me? I asked my self…

To be continued…


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  1. sophia says:

    Pathetic …poor linda 😦


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