I got to John’s place in the evening, stressed and depressed, I barged in without knocking. I saw John and the same lady in the sitting room, they looked at me as if they had seen a ghost. I moved close to them taking my steps one by one.

“Can’t you knock, you lack courtesy. Anyways what are you doing here again?” the lady said

I ignored her, faced John and said ” My parent threw me out because of you, I have nowhere to go”

He looked at me and didn’t say a word

“Don’t tell me you intend taking her in, NO WAY” the lady said and dashed into the room. John followed her immediately, leaving me in the sitting room without any response.

After a while, John came out with the lady and they both sat, “Linda, you are welcome to stay, but the only room available is the store, If you can’t stay there, then I’m sorry we can’t help you” he paused

“This is my wife-to-be, her name is Arewa” he continued and smiled at her. They rose and entered the room”.

I felt bad, I didn’t know whether to cry or scream. I had no choice but to accept the room, obviously he was no longer interested in me,he had gotten over me so fast. There was no need telling him my parent wants him to come over and take up his responsibility. I can’t go back to my parent, I had to accept the shelter he provided.

I picked up my luggages and entered the store, it looked horrible. John placed a bed there for me. I lay on the bed and was meditating, I didn’t know when I slept off.

The next morning, John had already gone to work before I woke up, leaving Arewa and I at home. I felt a rumbling in my stomach and I entered the kitchen to get food.

Ehnnnn! Who gave you the audacity to enter my kitchen”

I turned and saw Arewa at the door, looking like a lion that wants to devour its prey.

“I was hungry and I felt I should get food”

“Which food?, the one your grandparent kept there, if you know you are hungry, go back to your father’s house” she hissed and walked out.

Living in the same roof with Arewa was hell, she would shout at everything I did and John acted as if nothing had never happened between us, he would always support her even if she was wrong.

I endured every time until one day, Arewa, John and I were at home, my pregnancy was already 7months old, the more the baby grew the more I ate. I woke up very early to prepare breakfast, Arewa came into the kitchen and was angry.

I told you not to enter my kitchen again, you this prostitute”

“Arewa, please I’m not in for trouble this morning”

Oh! so I am the trouble maker” she moved close and slapped me, immediately I slapped her too

she heard John coming and she started crying.

“Arewa, what happened?”

I came into the kitchen to assist Linda, instead she slapped me”

I walked towards her, held her trying to make her say the truth but John took a pot and threw it at me, I dodged it, it hit Arewa and she fainted. John rushed towards her carried her into his car. I stood there looking at him confusedly.

He came back to me and held me ” when I get back, I don’t want to see you here. Leave my house” he said and left

“Leave? Where will I go?”

To be continued…


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  1. sophia says:

    John is heartless


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