“Are you okay,” he said

“Ehhm…. Yes I’m fine. I’m sorry, what do you need sir,” I said, trying not to embarrass myself. At a point I thought it was John. I thought God had given me a second chance to retrace my steps.

“I need a glass cup,” he replied, breaking into my thoughts…

I stood up and gave him a glass cup. He put it on the table and poured his drink. I sat looking at him.

He sipped his drink and sat. He brought out his phone and was pressing it.

I wanted him to leave, his presence was making me feel uncomfortable. I wanted to be alone.

“Are you the maid?” He asked

“No” I replied sharply. I checked myself wondering if I looked like one.

“So why are u not at the party,” he asked…

Immediately, I remembered when John asked the same question.
I smiled and said, ” I hate parties because of the crowd”.

“That’s weird. Anyways I am Carl”

I am Linda”

Nice meeting you”

My pleasure”

We talked for a while and I got carried away till John came in. He frowned seeing Carl and I together. “He must have remembered how we met” I thought. He asked carl to join the party. I thought Carl would request for my phone number but he didn’t, and I didn’t ask for his either, because I wasn’t interested in any kind of relationship. “Or am I destined to meet the mr right in the kitchen” I thought and giggled

After a week, Carl visited again. My son and I were the only one at home, John had taken Arewa for her ante- natal, and my son was asleep. Carl and I started talking as he waited for John.

“Linda, where do work?”

Oh, I’m still searching for a Job” I lied…

Hmmm… I’m a medical doctor” he paused and sipped the drink I offered him.

I enjoyed our last discussion. You are a very intelligent lady, I like that”

I blushed and said, “thank you.”

We talked for a while, exchanged numbers and he left.

Carl kept calling and we became good friends. Though I was over John but I didn’t want any attachment. One day he asked me to visit him. I refused. He didn’t know the reason for my refusal, but he didn’t pester me. He suggested we meet at a joint and I agreed.

I got a cloth from my old wear, but it was no longer fitting like it used to be. I carried my baby and left for the place.

I got there and saw him waiting for me. He was shocked to see me with a child.

“Are you married?”

“No,” I said…

“Oh! So whose baby?”

“Mine,” I said, wondering why I never mentioned about my baby to him. “It must have skipped my mind” I thought

Carl kept asking questions and I ended up telling him the story of my life.

“I can’t believe John could be this heartless,” he said

I smiled and nodded. At least that is enough to keep carl from asking me for a relationship. No one would want to marry a single mother. For now, relationship was the last thing I needed.

My story was the topic for the day as we ordered for food and drinks. We chatted a while and left.

Our friendship continued. John got to know about our friendship. He wasn’t happy about it but there was nothing he could do.

Carl visited everyday. He would take my son and I to many places to have fun. So many people believed Carl was the father of my son and he didn’t deny it either.

One day, Carl asked me to be his girlfriend, I refused, not because I didn’t have any feelings for him but I wanted to be careful and not get into wrong hands again.

But later, I gave him a benefit of the doubt and accepted his proposal. “I can’t be single forever,” I thought. Though I didn’t put my all because I wanted to shield my heart against any disappointment.

Carl’s love for me grew stronger.

He called me one day and said his mother wanted to meet me. My heart skipped. My relationship with John wasn’t this serious. “Could this be real?” I asked myself.

We picked a day and went to her place. She welcomed us in but was staring at my child.

“Whose child is this?” She couldn’t help but ask

“Its Lindas”

“What!” She screamed…
“You want to marry a single mother? Not when I’m still in this world”…

To be continued…


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