“Please, have you seen carl?” She said

“Carl? N..noo, where is he? I asked,forgetting that we both don’t where he is.
“I…I mean what happened? I corrected my self immediately

“My baby is missing, and its all your fault” she broke into tears

“How is it my fault” I thought
“Madam, Are you looking for you son or you want start casting blames, what really happened?” I said

“He dropped a note and said he would kill himself if I don’t approve your relationship, I haven’t seen him since yesterday”
“Please, is he there with you?

“No ma” I answered sharply like I didn’t care

Whao! he did that because of our love?, no man has ever done that for me”I thought with a smile

“Please if you see him, tell him to come home, so we can iron the whole thing out” she said

“Okay ma” I said and dropped the call, wondering what she wants to iron out, Is she ready to accept me as her-daughter- in-law. I asked myself.

Immediately I tried carl’s phone number but it was not available, “God please keep him safe for me” I prayed aloud. Though I felt it within me that he was alright, he just wants to make his mother worried.

After a month of not hearing from carl, I was almost loosing hope, I sat alone wondering if carl’s mother had found him and convinced him to go for a better option. Then I heard a knock, I stared at the door,wondering who that would be on monday morning, then I heard the knock again. I jumped to my feet and rushed to the door. I opened it and saw Carl and his mother standing and staring like a zombie.

“CARL” I shouted and hugged him, not minding the presence of his mother.
“I’m glad you are alright”

“I’m glad, you are happy to see me, I thought I had lost you” he said as he ran his hand through my hair.

“Uhmmmm” Carl’s mother cleared her throat

“I’m sorry, Good morning ma, please come in” I said with a worried look, the last time I checked, she didn’t want to set her eyes on me. Why is she here? I thought

They both came in, sat down and I offered them drinks.

I carried my son and sat beside Carl, waiting to hear the reason for the august visit

“Linda, I came here to tell you I’m in support of your relationship with Carl” she said like she had rehearsed it

“Really?” I said with shock

I fell on my knees and said “thank you ma”

“You can call me mum”

“Thanks mum” I said and smiled

Looks like its the other way around, Carl must have convinced his mother that I’m the best option,Good job carl, I thought and smiled.

She came towards me,pulled me up and hugged me, she was a bit cold, and I was uncomfortable, but the most Important thing is she supports it.

I smiled and faced Carl, immediately he went down on one knee,He brought out a ring and held my hand. “BELINDA JOHNSON, will you be my wife?” He asked right before his mother.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, “YES” I replied and broke into tears

He fixed the ring on my middle finger, I was so happy, I could hear the angels singing hallelujah. He rose and kissed me deeply, I started feeling like a bride already. He withdrew and tickled me, we acted as if his mother wasn’t even there, I shook and laughed hard like a child. He pulled me close and whispered “Let go out and celebrate”

“Yaaay” I shouted and jumped, I rushed into my room, wore the best of my cloth, carried my baby and we all left. We dropped his mother off and we went out alone to have fun.

The wedding plans begin after a couple of months, it was the best part of my life, Carl’s family took all the responsibility. Everything needed for the wedding was set, except for my parent. I wish I could put the matter aside but Carl’s parent insisted on meeting them.

Hearing that made me disturbed. I was enjoying my life without them, they abandoned me when I needed them the most. I tried to convince them to allow the wedding commence in their absence but they refused, So carl and I decided to visit them.

The following week, we set out to visit them, immediately I sighted the gate, I began to fidget like a little child. will my parent accept me? Will they have forgiven me? How will I face them?

“Honey, everything will be fine” he broke into my thoughts. I almost thought I was thinking aloud. But he must have noticed my countenance.

I asked Carl to park about two houses away,We got down and knocked the gate. The gate man opened the gate immediately as if he was expecting us, I didn’t recognize him. It wasn’t Usman.

Good afternoon, please we want to see oga and madam” I said

He looked at us strangely. “From where”

“I’m their daughter”

Let me go call madam, oga no dey house” He closed the gate and later opened it.

A lady came out, she looked very young, she was about 6 months pregnant. She looked really tired like she had not slept for ages. I perceived she was newly married.

“Good afternoon” she said

Good afternoon” I replied

Can I help you?”

“Yes, we are here to see Mr and Mrs Johnson”

“Oh! They don’t stay here anymore, Mr Johnson sold the house to my husband”

“Why? What happened? Where did they relocate to?” I asked with shock. Carl held my hand to calm me down.

” I’m sorry, I can’t help you” she said and entered immediately

I returned to the car with shock. “Where are my parent?” I said and broke into tears. “Its okay honey, we will find them”
“Find them? How? Where?” I sighed and looked at him
“Carl let’s Go, there is no point staying here”
We set back home. I kept mute till I got home.

I made some researches and later found out they traveled out of the country. “They didn’t even bother to look for me, how could they be this heartless” I thought

Carl’s parent suggested we have the wedding without them. There was no way we could get through to them. The wedding plans continued but I was not too happy about the absence of my parent.

Few weeks before our wedding, Carl spoke with a good friend, Debby, who also happens to be one of the world’s best information designers. We discussed the upcoming wedding and I complained about how complex it is to plan such a big event, from picking the right location and choosing the best food, flowers and DJ, to arranging the seating chart, and so on..

The following month, we got married. It was too good to be true. The wedding was one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of my life. So much effort, work and time were made into planning the special event. We had more than 300 guests! (Carl’s friends and family though.)
Family, friends and loved ones shared our joy, standing by our side as we exchange vows to spend the rest of our lives together.

I now had a home of my own, a new family. Things were turning around for me, I thought there wasn’t hope again. But Carl gave me hope. I was happy to move out of John and Arewa’s house. I was already living like no man’s business though. They acted as if I never existed.

Carl suggested I went back to school. I applied at unilag and I was given admission to study accounting. Carl got me a driver pending the time I would learn how to drive. We also employed a maid to relief me of much stress. I went from home everyday because of Carl and my son.

Three months later, Arewa had her child. Carl and I were invited to the naming ceremony. We got to the ceremony and we walked in as if we were walkng down the aisle. Arewa and john were surprised to see the new transformed linda. They couldn’t take their eyes off me. After the ceremony we bade everyone goodbye and we left.

Our marriage was peaceful and happy. Though We had our ups and downs but we settled it amicably like matured beings.

One day, my phone rang, it was John, why would John call me?


“Hi linda”

“Can I help you”

“Yes! I want my son” …..

To be continued


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