“Alex!” I cried out.

“LINDA! ” he rushed to me and hugged me as tears ran down his cheeks

“”How come I never gave any deep thoughts to it? Carl is after all John’s friend and John is Alex’s friend! And most certainly, Carl will know Alex! God, I have been so dumb!” I thought. Carl stood and watched the drama

“Linda, where have you been? Mum said you left and didn’t come back, we looked for you everywhere”

“I was with John” I said with a sad look, recalling my experience with John
” You mean John was responsible for the pregnancy, no one knew, if I did I would have come there”
“But I’m married to Carl now” I said with joy and I held Carl’s hand

“Linda, you are married?, whao! My little sister is married” he said amazingly
He shifted his gaze to Carl ” Brother-in-law, I think you would respect me more now ” He said sarcastically and he hugged Carl
” I’ve missed you buddy”

Alex turned and looked at me “Linda, I will help you resolve your matter but First, you must follow me home to meet mum and dad. We relocated to Lekki before we traveled out. Mum has been depressed ever since you left. Our home hasn’t been the same, I missed you, Kid sis. I miss our happy home ” He said trying to fight the tears back

I broke into tears and hugged him tightly.

We set out to meet mum and dad. Alex got to gate and horned, my heart started beating so fast, I began to fidget. We got into the compound, dropped from the car and entered the house.
I wasn’t in the mood to assess the house. Immediately we entered, Mum jumped to her feet and rushed to me.

” BELINDA! Is this my Linda? She cried out as she touched my face and body. She pulled me close, hugged me so tight and started weeping. “My Baby, Oh! My baby, where have you been?”

I began to weep, memories began to flash back, I clung to her so tight.

Then I noticed dad standing at the door, I stood in shock and held Mum’s hand…

To be continued…


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