There was a pause for about 2 minutes.

Then dad walked towards me, as he got closer, I held mum’s hand even tighter. I closed my eyes expecting the worse. He paused right in front of me, broke into tears and hugged me. “Linda my daughter, I am sorry. I am such a bad father, I threw you out without looking back, I was just being wicked, I’m very sorry.” he wept bitterly

Whao! I wasn’t expecting that. I tried to fight back the tears but it was too heavy, I broke into tears. “I’m sorry for disappointing you, forgive me dad” I said and fell on my knees. He pulled me up immediately and wiped my tears with his palm.

Clara came out of the room with a worried look, trying to know what was happening. immediately she noticed It was me, she rushed to me “LINDA! I knew you would come back”. She hugged me “Welcome back kid sis”

We all wept with smiles on our faces. It was a touching re-union.

We sat down and everyone was expecting me to introduce the young man beside me.

“Hmmmm” I cleared my throat
“Dad, mum, This is my husband, His name is Carl. We got married this year” I said Looking at Carl with so much love in my heart . I smiled and continued, this is Clifford, my son. My mum rose immediately and carried my son.

Carl rose and prostrated to greet my dad and mum.

“Is this the man that impregnated you?” Dad asked looking at Carl with a frown

“No dad” I said and laughed hard

“Rise my son, come and sit beside me”

Carl rose and sat beside dad. He was a bit shy, he sat like he was in an interview.
“So who impregnated you ?” dad asked

I ended up telling everyone the whole story, including the part where john filed the case.

“That man must be mad” mum shouted “He will not take my grandson! Never!”

“Alex, you will be the one handling the case” dad said

“Of course dad”

That moment, I felt safe. It was as if the whole world was my pillar. Tears of joy began to run down my cheeks. It was so uncontrollable.

The following week, my parents visited Carl’s parents for proper introduction.That was the best feeling ever. I felt whole again. Introducing my parents made Carl’s family give me the respect I deserve as a daughter-in-law. And the fact the we are wealthy, it killed it.

Carl and I planned to travel abroad because Carl wanted to study another course in the medical line to add to his knowledge. So we decided to travel immediately the case is over.

The following month, we appeared in the court, the court started 10:00am prompt. Everyone sat as we waited for the presiding judge except John. Carl’s family and my family were present. I sat with Carl, placing my head on his shoulder.

Few minutes later,John stepped in. Immediately I sighted John,I lifted my head from Carl’s shoulder. I wanted to pounce on him, but his new look got me worried. He looked tattered and looked like a drunkard. His shirt were wrongly buttoned, his shoes were not well polished. His hair was bushy. It looked like he hadn’t shaved for a year. I felt disgusted and appalled!

“The judge wouldn’t dare give my son to this thing”, I thought as I looked at him with anger and disgust.

“ARISE!” I heard all of a sudden, I startled and jumped to my feet.
The judge walked in majestically, just like a king on his coronation day.

We all sat as soon as the judge did. The judge turned to the scheduled application and asked if there was any adjournment. The clerk replied no and called out our case. I got up and sat beside Alex. John also got up and side beside his lawyer on the other side of the courtroom.

Alex rose and said “My lord, I am barrister Alexandra Johnson, the attorney for Mrs Belinda Davis”.
John’s lawyer also did the introduction. They both said what they were there for. They summarized the facts in their document and made their arguments.

Alex called me into the witness box and asked me to narrate the story, I narrated with tears running down my cheeks. He also called John and asked him to narrate his part.

He wept as he gave reasons why he wanted custody of our son. He didn’t look like the man I once loved and dated, he looked like a man who had no hope.

“Mr John, have you ever taken responsibility of Clifford? Have you ever cared for him since the day he was born? Or did you maltreat him and his mother ?” Alex asked

“Objection my lord” his opponent shouted “Barrister Alexandra is bombarding my client with too many questions!

“My lord, I just want the court to know the relationship he had with his son and the mother” Alex replied

“Objection overruled” the Judge said

“Thank you, your honour” Alex replied as he took a bow and continued..

“Mr John, please answer the questions” Alex addressed John as if they have never met.
“No I didn’t take care of him and his mother” he said and wept bitterly with regret. He must be passing through a lot. I pitied him but my son means a lot to me.

The Judge gave him a pitiful look and requested for a short break and asked Alex and his opponent to come to his office.

“I hope the judge is not thinking on taking John’s side” I thought

An hour later, the judge came out and read out facts from his document pertaining to the case, he also read out the evidences presented by each lawyer . Then he said aloud “THIS IS MY JUDGEMENT”. Immediately, I sat up and folded Carl’s hand.

“The boy remains with his mother, Mrs Belinda Davis. Immediately I let out a sign of relief.

And as for you, Mr John, you can pay a visit once in a while to check on your son under the permission of his mother ” the judge continued ” I RISE”

“COURT!” The clerk shouted

Everyone rose and the judge left the courtroom.

Immediately, John slumped. The security rushed to him and carried him away.

I was less concerned about John. I was really excited. Everyone congratulated Carl and I and we all left to celebrate.

The following day, we got the news that John had been admitted in the hospital.

A day to when we were to travel out. Carl and I visited John at the hospital, we took Clifford along. As soon as we got into the ward, we noticed he was asleep. I walked close to the bed and the only thing I could say is ” I forgive you” and I left immediately.

The next day Carl and I traveled abroad. We didn’t hear about John again. I continued my education abroad, graduated and secured a job. We visit our family once in a while and they visit too.

It’s fun having a husband like Carl. Till death do us part.

The end.


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  1. Uchechi says:

    Beautiful ending


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    Very Nice story!


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