When I woke up, I didn’t remember what had happened; I was wondering how I got to the hospital.

Immediately everything flashed back, I jumped out of the bed.

“MAA’MI” I shouted and ran out of the ward, I got to the reception and saw people staring at me like they knew me.

Then I heard a woman saying “oma se ooooo, o ti ku sha”

I froze, feeling weak, I began to shiver. “Could they be talking about maami?” I asked looking around like an helpless being,i indeed I was truly helpless.

Then I saw a nurse pushing a hospital bed with a corpse on it.

“Oma se oooo” a woman said folding her hands on her breast

I didn’t know whether to run towards it to confirm, “I can’t check, it can’t be maa’mi” I told myself, biting my finger in order not to scream. “Hmmmm, I got to your ward, but I didn’t see you, why did you leave?”

I turned to see if the voice was referring to me, it was a doctor. “Whao” I said as if I had seen a role-model. I felt like sitting him down to ask a lot of questions about being a doctor. But maa’mi was more important.

“Where is my mother?” I said and didn’t bother to answer the question he asked.

” Uhmm, do you have any elderly person I can talk to?”
“Why do you need to talk to an elderly person, is maa’mi ok?”

“Little girl, go and call your father,your elder sister or brother”

“Sir, maa’mi and I live alone,we have nobody, my father is dead”

“No friend, uncle, aunt or a concerned neighbour?” He said looking at me amazingly

“Ok, let me go and call someone” I said and rushed home.

I walked so fast, at that moment I wish I had wings to fly or magic to tele-port myself home and back. I got home and saw tayo’s mum coming out of her house, fully dressed.

“mummy tayo, good evening ma” I said as I knelt.

“Tomi, I was just about coming the hospital, how is mama ewa?”

“I don’t know, the doctor won’t attend to me, till I bring an elderly person. That is why I am here”

“Oya oya, dide, let’s us go”she said and held my hand “tayo, mo ti lo oo”

We got to the hospital and went straight to the doctor’s office.

“Good evening doctor” tayo’s mum said as she sat

“Good evening ma” the doctor said “uhmmmm, how are you related to the patient”

“She is my neighbour, we are more like sisters, doctor please how is she?”

“Okay, good. She is fine, she is responding to treatment”

Tayo’s mum let out a sign of relief, my mood was also brightened a bit but I needed to see her.

“Ma’am, the main reason I called you, is because I discovered something while treating her”

“What?” Tayo’s mum and I chorused

“Uhmmm” he paused as he shifted his gaze to me. The doctor wasn’t sure whether to break the news right in my presence or not.

“Doctor, you can say it, she is her only family and I believe she should know whatever is wrong with her mum”.

“Okay, actually, we discovered a lump in her breast, and its already cancerous”

“Yeeeee! Canceeeerrrrrrr” tayo’s mum shouted

” What is cancer, why is mummy tayo shouting, is it something bad?”I asked my self

To be continued


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  1. Oluwafemi Godspraise says:

    Great work, keep it up. The journey of 1000step start with a step ,the journey of a great mind starts from creativity and wisdom to influence. great future ahead…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mzwemmy says:

      Thanks dear.


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