Maa’mi’s reaction was a confirmation that what I heard was true. My feet became cold, I felt hot and at the same time cold from within. my mouth began to shake. This can’t be true. I can’t lose my only companion. Immediately she broke into tears and stretched forth her hands to me, but I ignored it and ran out of the house.

I ran to a very quiet place and I began to weep, “why am I so unlucky? Ever since I was born, life has been so cruel to me. I lost my father and now I’m going to lose my mother, what have I done to deserve all this? ” I thought to myself as I wept bitterly. After I wept for a while I became better, ” I should not run away from my fears, I have to face it” I thought to myself

I got back home in the evening, tayo’s mum had already left. I entered the house and met maa’mi weeping. Immediately she saw me, I thought she would wipe her tears but she wept the more. That was the first time I would experience maa’mi in that state, she would rather lie than to weep in my presence but it was a different case. I knew she was in pain and I didn’t want to add to it.

I moved close to her, she pulled me close with force, hugged me so tight and wept bitterly. “Ewatomi, this is our time of trials and tribulation, but I know the lord is not asleep”

“Maaaaaaa’ miiiii” I said aloud as I wept uncontrollably.
“If maa’mi should die, then I am as good as dead, who will take care of me? Who will rebuke me when I am wrong? Who will support me when I am right?” I thought to myself as I continue weeping

That night we cried to bed, we didn’t bother about dinner because the situation was too great to think about food. That day I got to know that cancer is a deadly disease and I realized she had cancer of the breast.

Things changed in the house, I stopped school,I no longer spoke rudely to her, I ran errands for her with joy, I stopped complaining, I knew we had limited time together and I had to make her enjoy the rest of her days on earth.

After a while, Maa’mi could no longer afford the chemotherapy, we sent messages to my father’s family, but none of them responded nor visited including olori-ebi who promised he would when baa’mi died. That was when it dawn on us that we were truly alone.

Maa’mi’s sickness got worse, the hospital couldn’t help, they asked her to stay at home until she has the money for the chemotherapy. During those period, tayo’s family relocated to another state because of her father’s business. When things became worse,there was no one to turn to.

One night, I was washing the dishes, when I heard maa’mi’s voice calling me, I ran to her. I got to the room where she was and she asked me to sit beside her.
“Ewatomi, you are a strong girl, and I know the lord will keep you, though you will face some challenges in life that would shake you, but I know you will over-come it”

“Amen, thanks maa’mi” I said as I knelt

“Ewa, please get me a cup of water”

“Ok maa’mi” I rushed to the kitchen and got back “maa’mi, oya sit up and drink” I said as I dropped the water on the stool beside her. I moved close to help her sit up but maa’mi didn’t shake.

“Maa’mi” I shouted, I shook her and put my ear on her chest. “ALAS! She wasn’t breathing” “MAA’MI TI KU OOO” I shouted

To be continued


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