life lessons that 2015 has taught me
There are so many things I have learned in 2015, which has helped me to grow and develop my abilities.

The main lessons that 2015 has taught me and I would like to share them with you.

1. Trust God.

2. Don’t compare with others “Do not feel inferior to others, do not feel superior to others; just make yourself feel better then yesterday.”

2. Forgive and let it go: In life, we meet people that may hurt us. It is likely that we will meet them again. Deep inside us it is normal to feel rage and anger boiling. And often these thoughts that can boil inside give us the intricate feelings and the links of our life. Anger does not improve our life at all. This is why we must resist the tendency to be fed with negative feelings, which are heavy burdens for our mind. Forgive and let it go…

3. Success has less to do with hard work and more to do with massive focus on your few best opportunities.

4. Don’t resist change , it’s the main source of your growth.

5. If you don’t make the time for yourself to get inspired, no one around you will ever be inspired.

6. Talk less. Do more.

7. Learn to love yourself. It’s the great rule for being loving with other people.

8. Smile. It truly makes a difference to the people around you.

9. It’s so much better to fail trying than to not even get into the game.

10. Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end.

Thank you for your support in 2015.



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