Christie led me to entrance of the room.

“This is your room” christie said and left

I didn’t utter a word, I opened the door and entered my new room. I was astonished, “whao” my mouth fell open

The ground was made of white grayish marble, the bed and curtains are American style, they’re white with black flower chiffon curtains. There was a white & black blankets with some colored points , and my bed size was queen with tow pillows and lots of black and white cushions. There was a wall sconce in the wall that was behind the bed, And at the corner there are tow sectional sofa and a rounded table in between. And in the wall that’s near of the dresser there wass a wall clock , and there was a stand in left of the clock.

I sat on the bed, assessing the room, I wasn’t expecting anything like this. The thought of maa’mi crossed my mind and I began to weep. In the evening, Anty Fola called me out to meet her family.

“Everyone, This is Ewatomi, she is my brother’s daughter, She is 14years old and She will be staying with us”

“Good evening” I said as I knelt

“Tomi, This is my husband, his name is Sola but you can call him daddy. This is Paul, my son, and this is Christiana, my daughter””.

“You are welcome to our family, Tomi. Please feel at home” said uncle sola with a smile

“Thank you sir”
I went back to my room after the introduction. I wanted to be alone, the only time I came out was when dinner was served, and after dinner, I retired to my room. I had not gotten over Maa’mi’s death, I was still in shock. I wept all through the night.

The following week, Anty Fola enrolled me in a public school very close to the house. I got to know, Paul was 20years and he was studying economics at the university of lagos, which is not far from the house, so he goes from home. Christie was 9years old and she was just in primary 4.

I started living a life of a maid,I was always the last to sleep and the first to wake up, I would wake up as early as 3:30am to clean the house and wash clothes, bath christie and prepare her for school,before going to my school.

Adapting to the new change was difficult, saturdays that used to be my best day became my worse day, I would do chores from morning to evening, while christie watched movies and paul was always relaxing due to the stress he passed through during the week.

The whole family treated me like a maid except Uncle Sola who was always there to plead on my behalf anytime I had issues with Anty Fola.

Two years after, I graduated from secondary school, I wrote and passed WAEC but I wasn’t sure if anty Fola would allow me further my education.

One day I was in the kitchen making dinner, I heard them talking in the living room, then I heard my name, I moved quietly to the door to eavesdrop,

“Is she not your niece, why will you ask her to learn how to make hair when we can afford to send her to the university, why do you enjoy maltreating her, it is unfair” he sounded annoyed

“What is it? is she your niece, let me decide what I want for her and leave me alone, she should be thankful I want her to learn something”

“Ehhhen, ok no problem” said uncle sola with a sigh

They stopped talking and concentrated on the television. I went back to what I was doing, with tears in my eyes. “I desire to go to the university, I want to be a doctor” I said to myself. That night, I was sad, I didn’t eat dinner. Anty Fola shattered my hope.

For months, it was as if I was forgotten, no one spoke about learning trade or going to the university. I became a full time maid. And as I grew, I became more beautiful, I became the center of attraction to the men on the street.

Even uncle Sola and Paul were always complimenting my beauty, especially Paul, at times, I would catch him looking at me lustfully, but I thought there was no string attached because we are related, until one day, I was home alone, Uncle Sola and Anty Fola had gone to work, Christie and Paul had gone to school. I had finished my chores, and was relaxing when I heard a knock. I rushed to the door and opened it. It was paul.

” Han han, bro paul, you are back so early” I looked shocked as I scratched my head

“And how does that affect you?” He asked

“I’m sorry” I closed the door behind.

He dashed to his room, after 5minutes, he came back.

“Tomi, who scattered my bed”

“I don’t know sir”

“I was expecting that, is it not your duty to put everything in place, come on go and make my bed, fool” he ordered

I rushed to his room, I picked the bed sheet and pillow and dropped it on the floor. I noticed sand on his bed, I turned to pick a cloth to dust the bed, then I saw bro paul standing right in front of me, looking at me strangely.

To be continued


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