He didn’t respond, he moved closer, and pushed me to the bed. He speedily unzipped his trouser, I rose immediately to run away, but he blocked the way and he slapped me so hard that I fell on the bed. That day I was raped by Paul, my cousin. What could be worse than that? I wept .

“Ewa, please don’t tell daddy, I beg you in the name of God”, he begged like a person who was released from an enchantment.

I could not say a word, I searched for the right words to say, but none was coming forth, I shook my head, broke into tears and left the room.

Paul became scared, he thought I would let the cat out of the bag. But I didn’t, not because I pitied him but I knew if he denies it no one would believe me and it would cause commotion.

Bro Paul called me one morning and gave me a bundle of cash. “Ewa, this is 50,000naira, go and enroll for JAMB”

“Thank you, but I can’t accept it” I replied. I felt like a prostitute being paid for service, I could not even look at his face. I felt like a piece of trash.

“Mtcheeww” he hissed, it seems you are not ready to go to school, when you are, come and meet me”

“I really want to go to school, that is my main priority” I gave it a re-think. I apologized and took the money.

The next day I enrolled for JAMB, I was told the date of the exam, I prepared for it, wrote the exam and waited for the result, no one knew about it except Paul.

Paul got to know I didn’t tell anyone about the rape because I was scared no one would believe,he began to take advantage,he would sneak into my room at night when everyone had slept to have sex with me.

Initially, I refused, but later I concurred. He had threatened to stop giving me money to process my admission if I stopped. I began to sell my body to achieve my dream. I knew it was against my religion but at a point I began to enjoy it, I started nursing feelings for him.

The feelings became really strong to the point that I got jealous every time his female friends visited. I longed for every moment we spent together.

One Saturday night, I went to bed by 1:00AM. I was really tired, I had not slept for long when I realized a hand trailing up my legs. I jumped up, thinking it was Paul. Alas! It was Uncle Sola!

To be continued…

Season’s greetings from mzwemmy


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