“UNCLE?!” I whispered and sat up

“Shuuuush” he said as he placed his finger on my lips to keep me mute.

“What are you doing?” My voice shook and it tinged with fear.

“Keep quiet!” he said. His voice was authoritative like he was acting on his right.

He had started to undress himself hastily when he heard footsteps coming towards my room, he stopped and quickly hid in my wardrobe. I lay back and shut my eyes tightly, pretending to be asleep. Then my door opened, it was Paul.

As usual, he jumped on my bed.

“Tomi, come on, don’t pretend to be asleep” he pulled my cheek in a playful manner that always got me excited. “I know you are not a deep sleeper”, he continued.

“Oma se ooo, if only he knew what he had gotten us into, I wonder the look on Uncle Sola’s face right now”, I thought to myself.

“Errrmm…emmm…Bro Paul…” I muttered.” What are you doing here?” Pretending to have no idea why he had crept into my room at night.

“Why are you asking me that? As usual now..” he said, giving a knowing smile as he grabbed me and was trying to undress me.

Uncle Sola tiptoed out of the wardrobe, he wanted to leave the room without letting Paul know. I understood and pulled Paul closer, causing him to back the door completely. But as Uncle Sola reached for the door, the door flung open! “Sola! ” A female voice called out

Uncle Sola froze like someone who was being
electrocuted from an AC power source. I pushed Paul away immediately.

Paul jumped and turned towards the door. Aunt Fola was standing at the door looking bewildered

“PAUL? What is going on here?”

Season’s greetings from mzwemmy


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  1. zee-boi says:

    Hahahaha, funny. I’m loving this story


  2. cutie says:

    OMG! This is crazy. Ewatomi is so in trouble. Poor girl. Life has been unfair to her


  3. chioma says:

    =d =d men kaii


  4. ayomide says:



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