24 things I learnt in 2015

Uhmm…so someone inspired me to do this and here I am. Alright! I learnt a lot in 2015, so much that I can’t gather all. I’ve been able to put 24 together, hoping you learn at least one thing and if not, catch fun all the way! In the year 2015, I learnt the following:

1. How to bring a dangling idea into existence

2. God listens but you won’t know if you don’t keep calm

3. Anywhere can be a place of worship to God. How I worship is all that matters

4. A smile on my face can heal a broken heart

5. A short definition of myself can go many miles. Far than I think

6. I can decide to be unserious. Then I get unserious results. Choice

7. The more I write, the better I become

8. I can be whatever I desire

9. Push myself to work before anyone does

10. 24hours isn’t enough in a day

11. How to manage time

12. I shouldn’t shift all my focus on trying to add weight. I can grow lean in a day

13. Food is important

14. Keep all friends on the same level

15. Never argue. Let the person be done ranting. Use a nice smiley and forget it

16. I understand myself better and it’s pretty cool

17. ‘I’m sorry’ is easy

18. That thing I refuse to give out will end up leaving my hands someday

19. Accept competitions as one and believe it’s okay to lose

20. Life is mathematics. Know the formula and you’re out of that situation

21. A beautiful heart is expensive

22. It’s good to be broke. You learn. A lot

23. Life. Don’t take it too serious that you forget to live. It can fly away anytime like a piece of paper

24. When you have nothing left, true friends remain by you. They are all you have left, never let them go in substitution for another. You will need them someday

I guess that’s all. I learnt so much more but that’s all I could think of sharing. Thanks for your time


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  1. alexis says:



  2. seun says:

    Nice! I pray u learn more in 2016


  3. abidemi says:

    Number 18 #real fact

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