My heart began to race as if it wanted to break loose from the ribcage. I broke into tears, knelt on my bed with my hands on my head.

“Hmmm, ehmmm,I…I” Uncle Sola muttered

Aunt Fola fainted!

Paul and Uncle Sola rushed to her, they paused and looked at each other with disgust, then they bent down, carried her and drove her to the hospital.

“Why is all this happening? Please save me lord,
What do I do? I’m doomed! I can’t let them meet me here” I thought as I jumped out of the bed, ran to the store, picked a bag, packed all my belongings and left the house.

It was just 4:00am, I wandered on the street like a mad woman, thinking of where to go. Then I remembered my friend, Halima, who was also my course mate at school, she was my only hope. I got to the main road and saw vehicles moving. I stopped a bus and entered, I was the only passenger, but at that moment I didn’t care if the bus driver was a kidnapper. I just needed to leave the place.


I got to my friend’s hostel.

“Pum pum pum” I hit the door with a stone. ” Halima! Halima!”

“Who is that?” she called out

“It’s me, Ewatomi”

“Ewatomi?” She sounded surprised, “Hold on”

The door blew open..

“Ewa, what happened? Why are you here? Please come in”

I walked in and broke down in tears and gave Halima a tight hug.

“Shhhuusssh, you’ll be fine”

She took me to her bed and I lay on it, holding the pillow so tight as if it was my life. There was silence; a spell of seconds. A deep sigh, then I spoke. I told Halima everything that had happened. “Wow!” Halima said with a deadpan look, blinking her eyes severally.

She was speechless.

The next day, I woke up a few mins past 12noon. Halima had gone to school for lectures. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to attend lectures. I sat up and I thought of everything that had happened and I began to weep, I was all alone in room, there was no one to comfort me, I cried till I could no more…”Why did God make me suffer this much?!

“Aunt Fola’s family had treated me like a maid and the men of the house treated me like their plaything. “I will pick up the remains of my shattered life and continue with my life” I said to myself.

I continued my life on campus as Halima’s room mate. I had my total freedom. I blocked every means Aunt Fola and her family could get to me. I applied for a scholarship in my school, it was sponsored by MTN. I made more friends who cared and helped me in time of need. But there was a problem…

Ever since I left Aunt Fola’s family, I began to feel strange.

I could not control my sexual urge… Having a man in my life was the last thing I needed. ..

To be continued….


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