Yeah, I know it may sound funny somewhat, but that’s what it is! Attention, Love, and Attention yet again.

The way man (here I mean male and female) is designed is to be loved and cared for. It’s an emotional need that cannot be overlooked. It’s not just enough to tell your partner those eight letters, three words “I love you”, you have to show it over and over and over and over and over and over again. You have to let them know it via your action; the things you do.

Now your choice or way of showing your spouse that you love them depends basically on you and your partner (here I’m gonna refer you to “The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman”).

I once learnt from a psychologist friend of mine who had read from a writer (whose name I do not recollect here) that in a relationship, partners should say to each other the words “I love you” fourteen (14) times (you didn’t read that right FOURTEEN-14) daily each.

Yes, you, the female and the male of course, ensure you tell your man you love him fourteen whole times in one day, that is, ninety-eight times (98) a week! And in one year of dating, you should have told your partner that you love them five thousand and ninety-six (5,096) times! Yes, this is just how much man (male and female) need attention and love.

Like I stated before, it’s not just in the words alone, but in the action, the things you do for them, how you care for them, and show them you truly love and want to be there for them

Now guys! Try as much as possible to toast (woo) your girl/lady/woman every single day in your relationship. Try and win her love over and over again everyday (yes, I know you’ll say you have her love and she has yours), but still, you just have to keep it hot! Give her new reasons for loving you. Pay attention to her needs (here, I don’t mean financial needs, but emotional needs), listen to her when she talks, listen to what she didn’t say, listen to her when she says “Babe, there’s something what she didn’t say, listen to her when she says “Babe, there’s something bothering me” or when she says, “are you free?” et al. Let her know she can always talk to you about how and what she feels. Do not give her room to seek the ears of that other guy who also wants her. Yeah, I know most girls like to talk and whine, but it’s just their nature. KEY: LISTEN TO HER!

Girls/Ladies, pamper your man! Just like you always want to know that you are loved, guys also need to feel it and know it. They need to be told and showed. He needs to know that you support him, that you’ve got his back. Don’t tamper with his ego. Don’t make him feel like a second option. Don’t haul insults at him (that’ll bruise his ego), don’t make him feel less important in your life. Be there for him, listen to him, counsel and advice him. KEY: SUPPORT HIM!

I know sometimes it may be difficult or tough keeping up especially when both or one of the partners has this really busy schedule, but the social media can be to your advantage. Key here is learning to create time for the one whom you say you love.
I do hope you have enjoyed reading this dating tip, please drop your comments and contributions. Thank you.


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  1. ay says:

    Good evening ma, my name is ayobami. I am in a relationship, and it is about 5yrs and 8months. We were a perfect couple until a girl walked into my life. I met her through a friend when I attend a birthday party. At first, we related as friends. But all of a sudden I started feeling attached to this lady. She understands me better than my spouse of 5years. We shared the same view and we connect. Sometime I think she is the best for me. Though I have not asked her out but I won’t lie, I am planning to because the love for my spouse has began to fade. I am caught in a middle of a situation, please show me the way forward.


    1. Sparkle says:

      Hello Ay, thanks for being open… I’d like to point some things out here if you let me:
      1. There’s no perfect couple as there’s no perfect person. Maybe you and your partner really look good together (this exists)
      2. The other lady DID NOT walk into your life, you must have allowed her in. You don’t walk into closed doors (get what I mean?).
      Now to the present situation, you have something great right now, I’m not sure you wanna throw it away because of the new girl whom you don’t know so well yet. I mean, how can you be so sure this new girl would work out for you? What if you both are just really great as friends. It’s okay if there’s someone else outside your spouse whom you share views with, but that doesn’t mean they’re meant to be in your life for marital relationships (find out the purpose she’s meant for in your life).
      Your feelings may not be entirely real, it may just be as a result of the closeness, fondness as well as the views you both share. How’s your relationship with your girl at the moment? How’s the communication? You know it’s so easy to get too familiar with the person you love just because of the duration you’ve been together and it gets boring, such that you meet someone new and you think they’re the best for you? I think you need to spice up your relationship (the present one), do new stuff together, discover each other anew. Don’t get too familiar. That’s what this post is about. Make everyday like it really is (brand new). Get closer to your girl. I Think you should give some space with this new girl whom you think you like better than the present one, it’ll help you get your priorities right. I’ll leave you with this…”WHY DID YOU START THE PRESENT RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE? WHAT PLANS DID YOU HAVE IN MIND FOR THE RELATIONSHIP?”


  2. freda says:

    Ms sparkle, nice one, @ wemmy, you are doing a good job, I really blessed with this.

    A friend of mine said her sister’s ex asked her out, she loves him but she is confused, she feels its not right because its her sister’s ex?


    1. Sparkle says:

      Hi Freda, thanks for the comment.
      Questions: How far did the sister go with the EX? What led into the breakup? How would her sister feel about her starting a relationship with her own EX? Is she certain what she feels is love towards him? What plans does he have for her?
      These questions could go on and on, but I’ll state this: God is NOT an author of confusion. He is a God of peace. She should pray about it and also talk to her sister. After God, family is everything.
      Happy Sunday Freda.


  3. mzwemmy says:

    Thanx freda


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