Love is a strong affection. And there are three types of love:

AGAPE : God’s kind of love

PHILO : Friendship love (shoulder to shoulder)

EROS : Man and woman (relationship).

You know, Agape love is conditional, you have to give your life to christ. So it is not unconditional, you still have to let go of something.

In a relationship, if you and your spouse don’t last in PHILOS, you can’t marry. You must be compatible. Friendship needs maintenance, you must be mutual, you both must be a blessing to each other, and your values must be the same.

In the kingdom, you don’t fall in love, you grow in love. You must survive in PHILOS before moving to EROS. Never start with EROS. Feelings come and go. You must sacrifice for your partner, Start from AGAPE—»to PHILOS—»then to EROS.

In marriage, you don’t cook or have sex just because you want to, most of the time you do it to please your partner. You need to fuel your love life.


1. Law Of Attraction: Let the attraction be solid. Let values and meekness attract you.

2. Law Of Agreement: There must be a level of agreement between you both. MARRY SOMEONE WHO LISTEN TO YOU. AMOS 3:3

3. Law Of Appreciation: Learn to appreciate each other.

4. Law Of Acceptance: No one is perfect, you can’t get “mr prefect”. Accept their weaknesses.


1. False love is also know as infatuation. It can’t wait. While true love can wait.

2. False love is self-centred. While true love put others first.

3. False love is attracted to beauty,money e.t.c. While true love is attracted to whole personality.

4. False love is like disney (dream world). While true love realistic.

5. False love is sudden. While true love takes time.

6. False love distracts you. While true love helps your life to be more focused.

7. False love, the more you stay together the love decreases. While true love, the more you stay together the love increases..

NOTE: If a man comes into your life and it doesn’t improve, do not marry him.

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