If they make you feel as though you are going insane, then it isn’t love and they are probably not meant to be in your life. Okay, I know this may sound too abstract, but I am going to break it down just about now. 

We all say things like `I’m crazy about you` or `you make me go crazy` or `I’ve gone nuts over that babe or that guy`, as the case maybe. Well, these are just stuffs we say when our emotions are in control and the results are those statements we make. 

To the subject at hand, your partner should not make you feel or think as though you are about going nuts over them, I mean that’s totally insane! Thoughts about your partner should not make you wanna do crazy stuff or chant crazy nonsense, which is just insane! 

When you are with the right person, you should feel sane and normal, like you are in total control of your emotions. The power to controlling your own emotions should never be handed out rightly to any other human; you should have power over how you feel, over how you think.

When your partner (the one whom you love and love you back) makes your head hurt just thinking about them or makes you wanna throw a punch against the wall or makes you wanna break something when you are pissed at them, then they are not right for you. 

You see love is concerned about not just your physical well being, but also your emotional well being. Love is concerned about giving life, because that’s the utmost purpose of Love itself from creation, from when God gave His own Son to us, when Jesus gave His own life to us.

Love is meant to give and bring you peace on every side, Love isn`t meant to get you all confused about how you feel. Love isn`t meant to make you feel like your head is in a turmoil (someone say something now if I got this all wrong). I’m gonna quote a friend’s thoughts on love here as it enlightened even me “LOVE IS ACTION GIVING VENT TO EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE. LOVE MOVES YOU TO DO, TO CARE, TO BE SELFLESS” So you see, love doesn’t move you to act in insane ways or manners. 

It is not love that moves you to wanna commit suicide the moment that girl or guy tells you it is over between you two. It is not love that moves you to do evil stuff, no, that isn’t love. Let’s do self examination and relationship evaluations from time to time as it would help us determine where we at in our love lives, and what we truly feel.

Remember this always: LOVE IS LIFE. 
I still have a few more thoughts on this topic, but I’ll leave them for another posts. Do share your thoughts on ‘What Love is’… Thank you.


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  1. carl says:

    LOVE is never planned nor does it happen for a reason. But when LOVE is real,It becomes your PLAN for life and your reason for living. #thumbs up mzwemmy


  2. fash says:

    How come you feel like doing something crazy when you are in love. You begin to act like you’ve never been in love.


  3. anonymous says:

    Please how do you know if you truly love someone


    1. Sparkle says:

      The answer to this is quite ambiguous as everyone has various ways they define true love. However, one thing is clear, when you are truly in love with a person, their utmost happiness and overall wellbeing is paramount to you.
      When you truly love someone, you care for them without selfish interests. You make them a priority in your life, you are quick to forgive their mistakes and you find ways to make things right.


  4. anonymous says:

    My pastor always speak of convictions from God concerning marital issues. He said we should not mind the height, status complexion of a person before going into it, once the conviction is right. What if the person is not what is want, or is it right to have your own taste, decide who you want to be with so far you love the person n u feel @peace wiv the person and vice versa?


  5. anonymous says:

    I notice I don’t have feeling for any of my admirers, one way or the other, I do find some faults in them or I get irritated with their attitude, is there something wrong with me or I have not found the right person


  6. ade says:

    How do I know if what I feel is lust or love?


  7. anonymous says:

    Is it possible to love who you don’t love after going into the relationship with the person.


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