I‎ couldn’t sleep, I started having the urge to masturbate. I felt like picking up my phone to open a porn site, at the same time, a still small voice was telling me not to. I was caught in the middle. I became confused, a strong part of me badly wants to see the porn. It was like a war between two kingdoms.

“I t‎aught I had left everything behind,  why do I still feel the urge?” I thought to myself. Then my mind flashed  back to what the minister said during the altar call  ” After today, you might still feel the urge of having sex or doing something immoral, but you have to trust God to help you”

‎ “I trust you lord” I said aloud

Halima jumped up immediately  ” tomi, are you okay?”

“Uhmmmm, yeah” I lied

“You sure? You just shouted from your sleep

” Really?” I acted as if I didn’t know “I must have been sleep-talking” I smiled and turned to wall.‎

I shut my eyes so tight, praying for the lord’s strength and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.


I became a worker in the fellowship, and  those period was when  I realised what mama ewa told me before she died “serving the Lord is the best”, indeed it is the best.

‎ My life on campus became a church life, my daily routine changed, I began to move from my hostel to school,  from school to library, from library to church, from church then back to my hostel. It was my period of growth.


8 years after

I walked out of my rented  apartment, set for work, dressed in a royal blue peplum gown, with a jacket folded on my left hand and a wedge . I graduated 2years ago with a second class upper. Immediately after my graduation, I went for my National Youth service Corps. After my service, I got a job in a government hospital, I was part of the best doctors in the hospital and I was respected for that….and my salary, it was more than I ever imagined.

I lived a big life, rented a three bedroom flat, made friends,my mentality towards life changed. I became  social, thanks to my colleagues at the hospital. I became closer to God and independent. The only thing that didn’t change was the fact that I was still single.

‎ I entered my car that morning, then I heard my phone ring, it was Cole, my colleague at the hospital, “Cole again?” I said to my self, he calls virtually every morning to check on me  before I get to the hospital. I perceived there was a string attached. ‎

“Hello” I answered reluctantly “Tomi, your attention is needed in the hospital immediately, there is an emergency”

“Oh! Emergency?, Ok…Ok, i will be there soon” I dropped the call and drove down to the hospital

I got to the hospital 15minutes after, a nurse rushed to me with a file, ” Good morning Doctor, the  patient got into a fight with his wife and she broke his testis  and he is in serious pain”

“Oh” I let out a sigh, what is wrong with our women” I asked with a shocking look,”orishirishi” I hissed.  ok.. Yemi, which ward did you put him” I asked panting like a deer.

“Ward 25” she answered as she led me to the ward.

I entered the ward, some of my colleagues were already attending to him, I moved close to see the man whose testis was broken by his wife  and alas it was uncle Sola.

To be continued..


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