“Uncle Sola!” I didn’t know when I said his name aloud and this made everyone turn towards my direction

“Doctor Tomi, this is not the right time for this, put on a scrub and help”, Doctor Jide said

I rushed to the wardrobe , wore a scrub and joined the rest. As we worked on him I was really disturbed. “Aunt Fola broke Uncle Sola’s testes, why? What would have resulted to this?”… those were the only thoughts running through my mind.

After the operation, I exited the ward and bumped into Aunt Fola and Paul.

“Paul?.. ” I said with so much surprise enveloped around the name. Aunt Fola was lost in thought, she didn’t even notice I was there.  The thought of what happened between us flashed back right there, immediately I turned away as I couldn’t look at him. I rushed into my office before Aunt Fola noticed my presence.

Paul stood there with a confused look, he  watched me as I rushed into my office, with his hand folded on his chest. I had really changed and I was glad he couldn’t recognise me. I was different from the last time we saw.

I got to my office and started pacing up and down. “Was my past catching up with me? ” I thought to myself. I faced the window, backing the door and I closed my eyes to pray, then I heard a knock and before I could respond, the person opened the door.

“Doctor” the voice said

I froze, it was Paul. “Uhmm uhmmm, come in” I sputtered

“Tomi?” he sounded unsure, he came closer looking  at me strangely

I kept mute, I felt like the ground should open up and swallow me

Then I didn’t know how I got the courage to clear his doubts “Yes, I am Tomi, I’m surprised you ain’t sure”

“TOMI! How did youuu…I mean how come youuu….” he said using his left hand to rub  his forehead and stretching forth his right hand ‎toward me.

I didn’t move an inch

“But Tomi, why did you run away, after you left, the family became a war front” he said with tears in his eye, threatening to drop.

“Each time mom speaks of the events of that day, she speaks with so much bitterness, I don’t think she can ever forgive any of us. I pray she doesn’t know you are here”

I swallowed spit immediately to prevent tears from running down my cheeks

” And I don’t think I can forgive all of you either” I looked at him with bitterness, a drop of tear ran down from my left eyes

“But Tomi why…? ” 

“But what?! ” I cut his words off “You thought I was a prostitute that you could have anytime, and your so- called mother treated me like a maid! ” I shouted

“Tomi, you are raising your voice” 

I kept quiet and turned, I didn’t want him to see the tears in my eyes.

I took a deep breath “Why did Aunt Fola break Uncle Sola’s testes?” I asked in a cool voice 

“After you left, mum moved out of the matrimonial bedroom, she stopped her duties as a wife, this made my dad start having extra marital affairs. One day mum caught him on their matrimonial bed with a woman, she beat the woman and chased her out. Then she began a fight with dad and they started arguing, and before we knew it, she grabbed him by his groin and the next thing I heard was dad on the floor groaning, so I..”

The door flung open before Paul could finish narrating the story “Paul why have you been keeping me waiting?” Aunt Fola said as she walked towards Paul and I “Ehn Ehn Ehh, Tomi ma re keeee! ” she said as she placed both her hands on her waist..


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