“You this dog!” she said as she raised her voice “What are you doing with my son, you want to finish what you started, eh, ASHEWO?”

I stood like a statue, my heart began to pound really fast like it was about to get ripped out of my rib cage ‎

“Mum, stop this” Paul held her hand trying to calm her down‎

“Stop what?!” she looked at Paul angrily and forced her hands out of his hand.

My door flung open, some of my colleagues rushed in including Carl.

“Dr. Tomi, we heard the noise, is there something wrong?” Dr. Kunbi asked

I looked at Aunt Fola, who removed her scarf and tied it to her waist staring like a person who has been possessed by a demon.

“Everything is under control, I can handle it” I said with a smile

My colleagues turned to leave reluctantly especially Carl, I gave another smile to reassure them that I had everything under control.

Immediately they left, my smile faded and I became stern “Now both of you, leave my office now! Before I lose my temper”

“Ehn, Tomi,  iyen emi naa” she placed her both hands on her breast

“If you don’t leave, I will call the security, get out!” I shouted

Then my door flung open, “Dr. Tomi, the patient has been prepared  for the operation”

” I am not conducting any operation, now, leave! ” I transferred my aggression towards the innocent nurse

The nurse shuddered as I shouted and  rushed out

Aunt Fola and Paul turned to leave, but they paused  when Dr. Carl and Kunbi rushed in. ‎

“Dr. Tomi, the nurse said you are not conducting the operation, what kind of joke is that, have you forgotten this is your specialisation, and you are the best amidst us?” Dr. Kunbi said

I turned backing them, like I don’t care‎

“Tomi, what we have given to this man is just First Aid just to reduce his pain and you know he will die if the operation is not conducted now”

“Ye, oko mi ma ni (it’s my husband)” Aunt Fola shouted ‎

“Yes it is” I turned and looked her with a look that said “serves you right”

“Tomi, don’t do this” Paul said

Leave my office, everyone!

“Dr. Tomi, is there something you are not telling us?” Carl asked

“What is happening?” Dr. Kunbi asked as he continued.. “well whatever the issue is, I want you to put that aside and attend to this patient, he has less than 96 hours to live”

“96hours? That’s pretty long, he can die tomorrow if he wishes” I said and turned to the door

“Tomi? I can’t believe this! I thought you are a believer” Carl said, astonished at this side of me he had never seen

“Ewatomi! Ewatomi!” Aunt Fola cried out my name

I ignored everyone and left the office.

To be continued‎


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