I walked into the ladies, I stood in front of the mirror  staring at my self, wondering what monster I had became. Vengeance had taken over my emotions. I knew this wasn’t the woman mama Ewa wanted me to become.

I was filled with hate and anger.  My heart became heavy all of a sudden, I knew I was going  to burst into tears. “No no, no, no Tomi,  not here, what if some one walks in?” I thought, trying to fight the tears back. But it was beyond what I could handle. I broke into tears, still staring at myself in the mirror. I watched my self cry bitterly.

I thought of how much I missed my parents, I thought of how rough my childhood had been, I thought of the incest I had committed. My past was a rough one. I hated life, I hated myself, I hated everyone. Then I heard a creep at the door, immediately I wiped my face with my face towel which I folded into my pocket.

I turned to see who opened the door, it was the cleaner, holding a scrubbing brush in her hand. I guess she wanted to clean up the toilet.

I walked out of the toilet and went straight to my office. I got into my office and found no one. “Uhmphhh…. ” I released my breath as a sign of relief. “Thank God they’ve left”. I thought to myself.

I sat on my table to meditate. “Maybe I am just too hard on myself, I am still holding on to the  past, I can’t  get the grudges out of my mind. Everyone thought the least of me, no one believed in me but here I am, fulfilling my dreams. I just have to let go”. I jumped to my feet and ran out of the office into the surgical room where uncle Sola would be operated.

I breezed inside and found all the specialists surrounding uncle Sola and staring at me like a helpless cow about to be slaughtered.

“Uhmmm, sorry, I heard….myyy attention is nee…needed here” I stuttered.

Please come in Dr. Tomi and join us” Dr Kunbi said.

The operation was successful and every one was happy. I walked back to my office, feeling like a burden had been lifted off my chest. I could even feel Baami and Maami smiling at me.
I felt peace.
Then I heard a knock on my door.

To be continued


2 Comments Add yours

  1. funmi says:

    welcome back wemmy, you left and kept us panting for the rest of the story.


  2. kk says:

    Ewatomi mi shouldn’t have helped that miserable family, after leading her through the wrong path.


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