I walked out of my office and headed straight to Carl’s office. I took a deep breath and knocked.

“Please come in” I heard Carl’s voice

I opened the door and walked in.

“Has  your visitors left?” he sounded calm like nothing ever happened

“Uhum Yeaaa… I mean yes, they have” I replied.

“Tomi, I’m not going to judge you based on your past, I want you to make me understand the whole issue” he stood up from his table and walked towards me.

I sat down on a couch placed directly beside his window, he pulled a stool and sat in front of me, “Tomi, you can trust me”.

For the first time I thought about my past and I didn’t feel like weeping, I was over it. I felt peace, saving uncle Sola’s life and helping Aunty Fola and Paul brought peace into my life.

I narrated the story to Carl, without weeping.

“You are a strong lady… “, he said, smiling at me, “… Tomi, I have something to tell you.. ”

“What.. ?”

“I love you”.

“Huh?!” my eyes widened, I wasn’t surprised he said that, I had always known that, but I was surprised he would still feel so and say it after hearing about my past.

“Please, will you be my woman?”  he continued

His woman? This would be my first official relationship, it won’t hurt to try, after all, I’ve realised I like Carl too..
“Yes.. Yes, Yes, I would be.” I answered as if I had been expecting the question.

He pulled close and kissed me.

That day marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship, we announced to the rest of the doctors, and they were all happy to hear it. We got married after 6 months. Uncle Sola and Aunty Fola stood in place as my parents. I experienced love in a new dimension. I learned to  forgive, never to hold grudges  and never to give up even when hope is lost

Carl and I are happy and blessed with four kids.

THE End.


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