“Nothing can be greater  than having a good place to relax this afternoon” Josh said to himself, as he jumped  on the sofa which was placed on the balcony of  the house. The day was bright, the weather was normal, the wind was rushing through his hair as he closed his eyes to enjoy  the sounds of the cool ‎breeze.

It’s been a week since their school had been on excursion and everyone was having fun. The camp is a tradition in the school, it must been done every session for Grade 9 students. The students were always looking forward to it. Some used it as medium to relax and get away from their overprotective parents and some to commit all kinds of immorality.

The school always take them to places where they would have fun and relax. But this time around, they went to a small village known as Clacton Village, they had arranged for two houses, separate apartments for the boys and girls. They were 25 in number, 12 girls, 10 boys and three teachers; 2 males- Mr. Clarkin, Mr. Preston and 1 female- Mrs. Hart.

The first day they arrived, they were all disappointed to see the house, it was an old creepy house, the old man that rented  it to them said no one had lived in it for years. Some of the villagers think the house is haunted. But the school believed it’s a superstition. They all got used to the area by creating fun and doing different exercises like fishing, hunting and so many things.

‎”Josh, will you like to join us to fish?” Emma said. Emma is a young beautiful girl, her hair neatly packed to ponytail. She was putting on a blue short and pink tank top with a bowler hat. She stood in front of Josh, looking at him with a smile. Everyone knew she had a crush on him and she would do anything to be with him.

“Emma!” she heard her name, her friends were waiting for her on the other side of the road.

“Uhm, no, I am tired and I want to relax” he said

“Okayyy, some other time then”, she turned and walked away, swaying her hips from side to side in a seductive manner.

Josh looked at her as she left but looked away immediately and closed his eyes to meditate. He didn’t know when he slept off but was awakened by a loud noise.

“Somebody help me!! help me!!!…”

Josh jumped up “help?, where?” it was already dark, and had started to rain, a heavy storm was raging. “How come I didn’t know when the rain started, mum was right, I am a deep sleeper” he thought to himself.

“HELP ME!!!” the voice interrupted his thought, it was very loud this time, like the person was moving closer.

Everyone rushed out, “Josh, what is going on?” Mr. Clarkin asked as he tried to put on his lamp. The light had gone off immediately the rain started.

“I don’t know sir” Josh said as he rubbed his forehead, “I heard the voice too” he looked towards the road and saw an image running towards the house, “What is that?!” Josh shouted as he pointed in the direction of the image.

They all looked at the direction and they all froze.

It was Emma, covered in blood.

To be continued….


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