I was reading a Christian literature and I came across this chapter “the secret of humility ” and the first paragraph  captivated me, so I decided to type it here.

“Our violent pursuit of God must be wedded to a gentle and humble spirit. Humility is the foundation of all prayer. Humility says, Lord, I am empty without your fullness; I am broken without your wholeness; I am helpless without your strength ; I am clueless without your wisdom. Apart from you I am nothing. I need you! I need you so desperately that I am pouring my self out to you here in the secret place.
‎Prayerlessness is the first sign of prideful independence. We begin to trim back on our secret time with God when we’re feeling great about ourselves, energetic and optimistic about our future, and confident about the path we’re taking. It’s the first sign that we’re getting full of ourselves.”

I learnt from this paragraph that humility begins with a sense of subordination to God in Christ.

Cool right? …..

I hope you’ve  learned  something from this paragraph…..remain blessed

Mzwemmy cares ‎


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  1. remi says:


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  2. akindele says:

    True, thank for sharing.

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  3. mzwemmy says:

    Thanks remi


  4. mzwemmy says:

    Thanks akindele


  5. Adebayo says:

    Indeed, I have learnt from this. God help us all

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  6. mzwemmy says:

    Amen, thanks Bayo


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