Emma dashed into the balcony, and fell to the floor, sobbing gently. Her body was covered in blood.

“I didn’t kill them!..I swear I didn’t kill them!!” she said pointing towards the direction where she was coming from, she was looking destabilised like a person who is insane.

It took everyone few minutes to get out of the shock of what they had seen.

“Emma, what happened?” Mr. Preston knelt in front of Emma holding her head up with his hands in order to make her focus on him

“I didn’t kill them” she kept saying as tears rushed down her cheek .

“Emma, where are your friends? Where is Jessica, Madison, Trisha and Sabrina? You have to tell us what happened to them”

“He killed them…, he..he… killed them” she said as she sat up in fear, folding her laps and legs to her chest, shaking like she had seen a ghost.

“Huh?!..Who?” everyone chorused as they started fidgeting

“Everyone be calm, Emma you have to tell us the exact thing that happened” Mr. Preston said as he placed his both hands on Emma’s shoulder, shaking her to get words from her.

“He….he” Emma said and fainted.

They carried her inside the house and placed her on an armchair, Mrs. Hart ran into the kitchen and came out with a cloth and a bowl of water. She dipped the cloth into the water, brought it out, squeezed it and placed it on Emma’s head.

“She will be fine” she assured everyone

“Mrs. Hart, get everyone together until we know what has happened, Mr. Preston and I will go out there and find the girls” said Mr. Clarkin

“But it’s dangerous out there, you can’t go” Mrs. Hart said as she held Mr. Clarkin’s arm.

“We have to go, we can’t leave them there” Mr. Clarkin replied.

“Emma said they are dead” Josh said as he stood in front of them preventing them from going out

“We have to be sure, does anyone know where they went today?”

“They went fishing” Josh said sharply and everyone turned to look at him “Come onnnnnn, Emma told me before leaving”

“Ok, we have to leave now”

Mr. Preston and Mr. Clarkin took a touch, wore a raincoat, rain boots and left.

Everyone sat quietly in fear, awaiting their return.

To be continued…


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  1. omolegan olusola says:

    Mz wemmy,keep d gud work up. I really enjoy ur stories,now I hardly get bored… Thumbs up !!!

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  2. mzwemmy says:

    Thank you sis.


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