The beginning of 2016 looked  as if I was not going to survive the year. It was as if that’s the end of everything. I kicked off 2016 by going to police station on a case i never knew how it happened, just woke up to see yourself at the station. Police station was a daily routine visit for months. God of illumination showed how powerful and great He is. Light was upon the darkness we experienced for many months, when the truth was reviewed and we were charged “not guilty”. Only God alone can do this, it was a case of 50 million naira in January – March. 

After the police case scenario, I started my year by April hoping for the best of the rest of the year. I had a good news in April, my long awaited WAEC result was finally resolved and errors on the certificate was corrected. The month of May was my birthday, I was happy to experience another happy even with zero account balance. Immediately after my birthday, I was homeless for  3 months ( house problem between landlord and tenant) everyone in the building had to vacate  (voodoo was involved by the landlord) it’s a race for your life thing. I was on the street of Lagos from one location to the other. But, I just believe joy will surely come and it kept me stronger as a street dude( just as they call it), I prayed and fasted. If only you know what it means to be homeless in Lagos for month 

However, in the midst  of this struggle. I had to meet with a friend, someone I didn’t see for over a year plus . Her thought and conversion on phone kept me going during this period. She never knew about my struggle and predicament, because  I had to see her and also leave Lagos to relief myself from mental stress.

Anyways, we finally met and it was fun to see her and also put a smile on my face again but my predicament was  pending. 
After the visit, arriving back to Lagos, I got  a lovely place to stay, better than the previous apartment. My brother got married, first  marriage in the family, thereafter, another one got married as if that was not enough he travelled to the states to meet his wife. I call him “JOSEPH ” now because he was the one arrested in January, slept in cell and the reason why we had to go to station everyday in January but now, from prison to united state. I got a job after several years of graduation. 

I titled 2016,CONQUISTEDOR, it was a difficult year for me at start but I conquered it, I wasn’t consumed. The year is not over, I am still expectant . Whatever you are going through, don’t let anything take away your happiness because  you are the only one that can make yourself happy .You don’t need multitude just one person. Above all, learn to give even with the little you have share it.‎

Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance, see you in 2017.  


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