I know many a times we have all made one mistake or another or even several, I would like us to understand today, that these mistakes do not define us.
Some of us have made mistakes with decision making, some of us have made mistakes with our choice of friends, or even a career path. Some of us have made the mistake of trusting or loving the wrong person, and some of us have made the mistake of not heeding to wise advice, you name them, you know those mistakes you have made and those wrong choices you have made at one point in time or another, but again, whatever these mistake are/were, understand that they do not define you, who you are or whom you are meant to be.
Mistakes may derail you or even delay you. Mistakes may be time wasting, but for every disappointment, there is a blessing just lurking there somewhere, some place, somehow, you just have to find it or locate it. Mistakes sometimes tend to pull you in and make you wallow in them, but then that’s just what the devil wants; that after you must have gone off the track, that you do not find your way forward. I mean, for the enemy, that’s the major plan from the onset of every mistake or error made, that you do not find your way forward, and you stay lost and wallow in pain, regrets and self-pity.
God’s will for his children is prosperity, not just financial prosperity, but prosperity of the soul, well-being of the mind, prosperity in the spirit and every other kind you can think of. So the question you may have is why then does God allow us make these mistakes? Why then does our loving Father watch us even as we make the wrong choices? I have certain answers to these questions as even I have made certain mistakes in my journey true life and I have had reasons to ask these questions.
The first thing we should CONSTANTLY remember is that the Father loves us, with an everlasting, consistent and undying love. He never wishes for us to go down the wrong path and this is why we have His word to guide and teach us; to light our path. Now when we make mistakes, God always has a way to bring us out as long as we are His children, (even though the process is sometimes painful) because HE never leaves nor forsakes us. He is always there, watching and waiting for us to find our way back to Him.

Sometimes, God uses our mistakes to BUILD us! In fact, most of the time, mistakes are meant to teach us core lessons and build values in us that would last throughout our lifetime. Depending on what error was made, God could have been using that mistake to teach us patience, to build strength and capacity in us, to teach us forgiveness, to imbibe love within us, to draw us closer to Him, to help us cultivate a lifestyle of worship and prayer, to give us a listening ear, to grant wisdom and other times, our own mistakes may just be for others to learn from us in the times to come.
So what is expected of us when we realise that we have made mistakes? God expects us to ACKNOWLEDGE it and LEARN from it. It is very important to learn from our mistakes, in the learning process, we begin to see why it was even allowed in the first instance, we begin to see what we could have done right or even changed, values and virtues are built in us. We are expected to RISE and not wallow in self-pity and regrets, I mean who self-pity don epp? (who has self-pity ever helped?), so dear readers, it is time to take charge and responsibility of your own life, own up to your mistakes and where you have erred. Take responsibility for every action/decision you have made; whether right or wrong and decide today to lead a better life as expected of you, decide to make better choices and decide to help others so they do not fall victims of the very same mistake you have made.

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  1. Mahatma says:

    Inspiring. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mzwemmy says:

      Thanks for reading @mahatma


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